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Bereavement meetings

Losing a pet and coping with it can be very difficult, as most of us know. Doing it alone can be even harder;  but here at Cumberland Valley, we think that you shouldn’t have to go through the process alone. We invite you to come to our bereavement meetings so that you can be surrounded by support from people who know exactly what you are going through. We come together to memorialize those that we have lost, but will never forget.

Dates: 8/11-1pm, 8/25-3pm, 9/22-3pm, 10/13-1pm, 10/27-3pm , 11/10-1pm

Any questions? Please feel free to call Anne or Fauset 301-739-3121

Annual Illumination

Once a year we invite anyone in the community to remember the loved ones we have lost throughout the years and honor their memory. Last year was our first illumination (see an article in the Harold Mail about it here) and we plan on continuing this tradition as it allows us time to remember our loved ones in an amazing way.

You may get a better look by reading an article about our illumination last year in the Herald-Mail here.

Date: 12/19-4:45pm