Canine Boarding

When going out of town, a reliable pet sitter is definitely a need. At our pet resort, your doggie will be tended to by our amazing and caring staff. With the ability to choose group play, your pup will get lots of play time with or without playmates. Our staff works diligently to provide the best care for your pets, and have a vet available just a building away!

There are two boarding options, standard, and luxury. Standard is a smaller kennel compared to luxury. Suites include raised beds and raised food/ water bowls. There is a multi-pet discount of 25% per animal as long as your animals stay in the same kennel. Discount does not apply if they must be separated for feedings.

While dropping-off or picking-up your pet don’t forget to check out our awesome pet boutique located in the lobby of the Pet Resort!

In both Standard and Luxury kennels are equipped with heated floors, separate air exchanges, and complete climate control. We provide bedding, blankets, and water/food bowls.

Feedings/medication that must be administered must be supplied during drop-offs with instructions. Don’t forget about clean up baths or grooming prior to pick-up!